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The Town of Oyster Bay Triathlon & Tri-Relay, set for Saturday, will include a team consisting of three Nassau Democrats called the “Tri-Dems.”

“We are extremely competitive people,” said District Attorney Kathleen Rice, one of the trio. “But mostly we're all really good friends who enjoy the outdoors. We’re just happy Dave’s doing the swim.”

That is, legislative candidate David Gugerty will be swimming. His quote through a spokesman: "I've put together a good team, I hope. Nobody wants to be the weak link and nobody wants to do the swim. Thankfully, this harbor's my home port.”

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And then there’s Tom Suozzi, who in politics is seeking this season to regain his former post as county executive. He said: “Dave and Kathleen assured me that the biking loop would be downhill both ways and that nobody would make fun of my 20-year-old Schwinn. I think I've been had.”

A link to the event is here.