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A parents group is trying to challenge the normally sleepy process of state Board of Regents elections.

The Regents —- who set educational policy in the state -— are elected by the Legislature. Because of the “one person, one vote” process used for Regents, the Democrat-dominated Assembly effectively controls the selections.

The parents group, New York State Allies for Public Education, is pushing to oust four incumbent Regents and is endorsing potential replacements when the vote comes up in March.

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The reason: The parents say the Regents have been too compliant in supporting initiatives by Education Commissioner John B. King Jr., including the rollout of the Common Core academic standards and a move to turn over names and addresses for 2.3 million students to a private high-tech corporation for storage and distribution via "cloud" technology. The group wants to force out two “at large” Regents members along with regional representatives from the Albany- and Staten Island-based districts.

“It’s been a habit that everyone thinks these positions are rubber-stamped,” said Lisa Rudley, a Westchester County parent and a member of the group’s steering committee. “We want to shine a big, bright light on this process.”

Jeanette Deutermann of Bellmore, another steering committee member, said in a statement that fresh faces on the Board of Regents will "steer the state in a new direction — to strengthen our schools, rather than undermine them.”