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Ambassador Pataki?

As a reported lobbying effort is underway by Hungarians, the former Republican governor said it would be an honor to serve as the diplomatic head of the U.S. embassy in the country of his ancestors.

“Governor Pataki deeply appreciates the friendship of so many Hungarians and Americans of Hungarian descent, and while at this time he’s focused on his work with Chadbourne [& Parke law firm] and spending more time with his family, he would consider it an honor to serve,” Pataki spokesman David Catalfamo told Newsday Monday.

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The Daily News first reported that two daily newspapers in Hungary are lobbying the White House hard for the appointment.

In 1995 Pataki, fresh off his upset win over Democratic incumbent Gov. Mario Cuomo, visited Hungary in what he called an economic mission.

For Trump to appoint Pataki, 71, to the post, he’d have to get over some bad blood from the 2016 campaign. Pataki was the first of more than dozen GOP candidates for presidents who went hard after Trump, calling him unqualified for the office.

Pataki never gained traction in the campaign or the debates. He now practices environmental law.