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Gov. David Paterson is sounding more defiant. When asked about the Cuomo drumbeat, Mr. Madore reports that he said: “Drumbeats remind me of orchestras. and orchestrs remind me of orchestration. so this whole idea that all these people got this idea t one time is rather hard for me to believe.”

“And what I would point out is while they’re beating drums, I am a drum major. And I’m working real hard and I’m going to get this budget done and they can do whatever they like.”

Reporters riddled him this: Which Nelson Riddle is doing the orchestration?

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“I don’t think it’s to push back on me and the budget because they didn’t mention the budget...  I’m just saying I think the real desire more than another candidate is for me not to run. And I am running for governor and someone is going to have to beat me.”