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Once again, dawn spread her rosy fingers across the sky to see Gov. David Paterson still in office. The lead from the Buffalo News:

ALBANY — Gov. David A. Paterson did not resign from office Monday under a cloud of scandal. Nor did he do so Sunday, or Saturday or every other day since last Wednesday, when he was supposedly going to have to flee from office in the aftermath of a newspaper account of some personal failing.

Prodded by "shocking" and "stunning" and "bombshell" authoritatively-written reports by several newspaper blog sites, and then picked up by liberal and conservative political and gossip blogs across the country, Albany has been overtaken by the newest form of scandal: one that hasn't even been revealed.

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Sure, Liz B. says here that Fred Dicker manages to repeat and condemn the rumors at the same time.  But Dicker hits salient point in his piece: That esteem for Paterson is so low that people in NY political circles are ready to believe the wildest things about him. The Daily News, turning up the volume on its editorial  judgement that Paterson needs to be dumped,  meanwhile touts the rumors and denials as evidence of chaos on the governor's watch.