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State ethics officials are whacking the already-besieged governor today over failing to keep the books straight over Yankees tickets, in violation of the law barring gifts to public employees.

The story is here.

Really, there can't be all that much excitement over mayors or governors getting free ballgame tickets. But timing is everything.

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With Gov. David Paterson already on the hot seat in the domest-violence-coverup scandal, this generates a new ethics controversy for His Accident-cy.

In what some consider a sign that loyalty is clearly a one-way street at the Capitol, aides to Paterson are working to put out their sides of the story with their own reputations in mind.

For example: The story isn't exactly being disputed that Denane Brown, on the state's housing agency staff, that she was called on from higher up to make a Paterson aide's violence complaint "go away," per the Times.

No falling on swords evident there.

And this interesting footnote appears in today's Daily News, about his press spokeswoman being "duped" into getting involved.

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No falling on swords evident there either.