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Andrew Cuomo today remains, officially, running for re-election as attorney general. Never mind that you saw potential successor candidate Nassau DA Kathleen Rice in those photos at Al Sharpton's on MLK Day. Give this a few weeks, we'd suggest.

For the time being, it is from voices other than Cuomo's own that the news media and pollsters come to hear and quote the ever-more-honed view and widespread suspicion that Gov. David Paterson is not cutting it as the Democratic incumbent, that fear stalks the post-Suozzi, post-Coakley, post-Corzine landscape. This "drumbeat" story by Ken Lovett has all the requisite lyrics: "wake-up call," "face the music," the need for the "strongest possible candidate at the top of the ticket." 

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Of course, with the "drumbeat" comes the expected urge to hear from prospective governors how their budget plans or executions might differ from those of the incumbent. At the Buffalo News, Tom Precious wrote:

"The attorney general's office did not respond to questions about the Paterson plan, but Cuomo later said the governor proposes 'a number of hard but necessary actions.' He also praised Paterson's government-consolidation and mandate-relief efforts but noted that previous efforts to rein in spending died in enacted budgets.

" 'The real test of this year's budget process will be the ability to rally the public and the Legislature to take the tough actions that are necessary for the long-term interests of the state,' " Cuomo said.