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A millionaire Republican is seeking to challenge Democratic incumbent Bill de Blasio for the New York City mayoralty in the mold of Mike Bloomberg.

Paul Massey, a real estate executive who recently moved to the city from Westchester County, launched a campaign website and filed the requisite forms Thursday with the Campaign Finance Board for the 2017 election, according to spokeswoman Jessica Proud.

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Board spokesman Matt Sollars said Friday afternoon that the board had not received Massey’s filing.

Massey plans to self-fund the campaign with the help of donors, and will not participate in the city’s contribution-matching program, Proud said. For every dollar raised, the Campaign Finance Board kicks in $6, but restricts spending of participating campaigns.

In a news release, Massey said, he would be “sharing our strategic vision for the city” in the months ahead.

“I love this city and I am concerned about where it’s headed,” Massey said.

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He took a swipe at de Blasio’s 2013 campaign slogan, that New York had become a Dickensian “tale of two cities.”

“I firmly believe that, with proper management, New York City’s best days are ahead,” Massey said. “This is not a tale of two cities; this is the world’s greatest city and diversity is our strength.”

A poll released Monday by Quinnipiac University found that about half of city voters disapprove of de Blasio’s job performance.

De Blasio has said he welcomes challengers. His re-election spokesman Dan Levitan said, “Under Mayor de Blasio, crime just hit another all-time low, jobs are at record highs, the city is building and preserving affordable housing at a record pace, while graduation rates and test scores continue to improve. We are happy to match that record against any resident of New York City or Larchmont.”

Bloomberg, a billionaire media mogul, entered the 2001 mayor’s race a relative unknown in political circles and won three terms.