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Democratic State Senate candidate Ryan Cronin, who will challenge Republican Sen. Kemp Hannon in Nassau’s 6th District, has released a three-part tax plan.

Cronin wants to provide a “circuit breaker” tax credit for home and business owners. Once a homeowner’s property tax exceeds a certain percentage of gross income, he or she would be entitled to a state income tax credit or a refund, Cronin said.

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Cronin said he also would work to ensure that Long Island receives a greater percentage of revenue from Albany and that the state’s 2 percent tax cap becomes permanent.

“We need to protect our homeowners from future tax increases and finally give them relief,” said Cronin. “Furthermore, it’s time that Long Island taxpayers start receiving back their fair share from what they send to Albany.”

Senate Republican spokesman Scott Reif said Hannon (R-Garden City) helped enact the property tax cap and create the STAR rebate program.

“Ryan Cronin won’t cut taxes so it’s more affordable to live and work here,” Reif said. “He’ll empower New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to take even more of the money that should be invested on Long Island.”