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ALBANY — Food Network host Sandra Lee is scheduled to undergo her final reconstructive surgery on Thursday following a double mastectomy a year ago after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, her longtime partner, will be with Lee Thursday at Mount Sinai Roosevelt in Manhattan, a spokeswoman for Lee told Newsday.

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“My final surgery is this Thursday,” Lee posted to her Facebook page. “I scheduled it one year to the date of my double mastectomy. For these past months, I have let my body heal and calm. So now it’s time take my last visit (fingers crossed!) to the operating table.”

Lee took on a crusade to urge young women to get screened for cancer early and often.

The author and TV host will be honored Wednesday by the nonprofit Susan G. Komen organization, which helps breast cancer survivors. Lee was 49 when she was diagnosed.

In September, she wore a pink gown at the prime time Emmy Awards to celebrate her fight against cancer. Cuomo has provided state funding for more cancer screenings in this year’s budget.

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Cuomo and Lee have been together for more than 10 years and live in her Westchester County home.