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Loyalists in Republican-controlled Hempstead Town received some shocking news this week from incoming Republican supervisor Anthony Santino.

At a meeting of town commissioners and deputy commissioners, Santino advised that he will be asking all non-union employees to submit their resignations when he takes office on Jan. 1. Some resignations will be rejected, some will be accepted, he said.

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Santino said in an interview Wednesday that he made the annoucement early because the town is offering a retirement incentive which expires Dec. 31 and he wanted those at risk to know before the deadline that they had an option of retiring with extra compensation.

“I did it now I thought it only fair to let those at-will employees know that there was a possiblity that their service could be discontinued,” Santino said.

Resignations with a leadership change have happened before in Nassau County government, but it is unusual in Hempstead Town, where the workforce is filled with Republican committee members and their families.

Santino was elected to replace outgoing Republican Supervisor Kate Murray of Levittown — who ran but lost for Nassau District Attorney — after serving for more than a decade.

Republican insiders predict that Santino, of East Rockaway, will follow through and make significant changes to the employee roster, which had been shaped by Murray.