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This morning, during an event to tout a Woodbury technology company's ID scanning device, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan would be his kind of judge because he believes her to be a nonidelogical, down-the-middle type. 

"She's a practical, moderate person and that is the type of person we need on the United States Supreme Court," Schumer said. "I don’t like justices who are too far right or too far left because they tend to impose their ideology on the law."

So we had to ask: Who's a "too far left" judge Schumer didn't like? 

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He answered: "“I'm not going to give names but I have rejected a large number, well, a significant number of applicants. I have a lot of say in choosing the federal District Court judges and the Appeals Court judges and I've rejected a whole lot of them."

We said: You can't name one?"

Schumer: "No, I don't want to embarrass them."

Us: Is there anybody you voted against because they were too far to the left?

Schumer: "No, I've only voted for, I don’t think I've had that opportunity. I've only voted for - Roberts, I don’t think anyone would consider him too far to the left. Alito, I didn’t. I don’t consider Sotomayor and I don’t consider Kagan too far left."

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Us: Are there any lower court judges you opposed because they were too far to the left?

Schumer: "I'll have to go back and check for you." 

We have yet to hear from Schumer's office on this matter.