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State Sen. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) conducted the Republican response sketch to the annual Legislative Correspondents Association charity dinner in Albany last night, combining a sketch in which he played radio host Fred Dicker, a weird animated film takeoff on the famous “Harlem Shake” and “Gangnam Style” dance videos featuring cut-out heads of state political figures, as well as a speech by Zeldin, and a song.

Zeldin, 33, is the youngest member of the Senate’s GOP conference under co-leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) who attended as did other conference members such as Kemp Hannon (R-Garden City). In the radio skit, he featured a recording of his own speech on the Senate floor as from a “caller” in which Zeldin said a certain debate should be taking place in the light of day and not at an hour when “only vampires” were roaming the Capitol halls. “How did that guy get elected?” “host” Zeldin asked.

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He goofed on gubernatorial girlfriend Sandra Lee’s quick-cooking show and Dicker’s ended so-called political “bromance” with Cuomo. “I heard Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a very successful Memorial Day weekend knocking the hamburgers out of people’s hands,” Zeldin said. He said it was the first anniversary of the Vito Lopez case settlement by the Assembly. Then came the song to the tune of “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, described by Zeldin as “one of Long Island’s most famous constituents.”

Part of the lyrics:

“It’s six o’clock on a Tuesday, the lobbyists shuffle in…and they ask for a bill and put bread in my till for a race that I’m gonna win…
“Now Dean at the bar is a friend of mine, he gets me more staff for free,
“And he’s talking with Shelly who’s up to his belly in scandals and controversy…”
“Sing me a song I’m a Senator,
“Sing me a song tonight,
“Cause some day I might be a Congressman,
“If I get enough votes from the right…”

In the Democratic response sketch, Sen. Andrew Stewart-Cousins, leader of the out-of-power Democratic conference, starred in a spoof video surreally portraying herself as the unlikely “puppet master” of goings on in Albany with radio news host Susan Arbetter. In her speech she said, “The Democrats have really had a great year… That’s not a laugh line. I’ll tell you when to laugh.”

The LCA's show was titled "Escape from New NY" and featured Phil Bayly playing Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy singing, "God bless the governor, man that I love..."

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