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Republicans said Tuesday they have raised $3.7 million in the last six months to defend their hold on the state Senate.

GOP spokesman Scott Reif said the Senate Republican conference will report having “nearly $5 million” in its main campaign accounts when it files with the state Board of Elections. That will be slightly less than the $5.4 million Senate Republicans had in hand in July 2012.

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Senate Democrats reportedly will have slightly more than $1 million. They also said they now have eliminated lingering campaign debts.

Tuesday is the deadline for all statewide candidates, legislative candidates and fundraising committees to report money raised and spent over the last six months.

The state Senate is the GOP’s remaining power base in state government.

At this point in the 2012 campaigns, Senate Republicans reported having around $5.4 million in their campaign accounts, after raising about $2.3 million during the first six months of that year.

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In a statement, Senate Republicans said garnering $3.7 million in contributions since January shows New Yorkers don’t want Democrats running both houses of the state Legislature.

“The strong bottom line, which includes a hefty $3.7 million raised in just the last six months, shows New Yorkers are concerned about a return to an all-Democrat, all-New York City government in Albany,” the party said.

 Josh Cherwin, spokesman for the Senate Democrats' campaign committee, noted his side was outspent in 2012 yet won all the closely contested races. He said Democrats are closing the fundraising gap.

"Senate Republicans’ support is waning from year to year because New Yorkers realize they controlled the Senate for almost 50 years and the results have been higher taxes, jobs fleeing the state and more unfunded mandates," Cherwin said.