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   The state Republican Committee is not exactly embracing a rumor floated in a New York Post gossip column about Rudy Giuliani trying to run again for mayor in 2013.

   Here’s a statement from Becky Miller, spokeswoman for GOP Chairman Ed Cox:

   “This morning’s column by Cindy Adams was about the New York City charter and speculation over who could run. We have not heard anything about Mayor Giuliani running for any office, now or in the future.”

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   Another Republican source, who asked to remain anonymous, said that “people close to Giuliani and who were involved in his presidential campaign, don’t believe his going to run” for mayor.

   “I don’t know if there’s anything to it. I was at a dinner with him last week and it didn’t come up,” said Manhattan GOP chairman Dan Isaacs.

   Yet Isaacs didn’t completely shoot down the notion.

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   “If he decides to step back in, I think he’d be welcomed with open arms,” the chairman said.

    Isaacs said the party is focused on the federal election but, following Election Day, it will quickly decide on a mayoral candidate.

  “Come the morning of Nov. 7,” he said, referring to the day after Election Day, “we’ll be at (the mayor’s race) full force, and I expect we’ll have a decision soon after.”


   Late Thursday, a Giuliani spokeswoman confirmed to several news outlets that, no, Giuliani won't run for mayor.