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Opponents of the nearly three-year wage freeze on Nassau employees have posted a sign on a heavily traveled county roadway, calling for a state oversight board to return “stolen money.”

The red and white sign, posted near the corner of Hempstead Turnpike and Newbridge Road, tells the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, a state monitoring board in control of the county’s finances, to “end political greed and power in Nassau County. Enough is enough.”

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Making an apparent reference to three years of back wages, the sign notes: “It is not retro. It is stolen money.”

It is unclear who posted the sign.

Nassau labor unions have been negotiating with NIFA to end the wage freeze, first instituted in March 2011.

Labor leaders said they were close to a deal in recent weeks, but balked at NIFA’s demand that county unions give up their state court challenge to the legality of the freeze. If unions win the lawsuit, they expect to be awarded retroactive pay.