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Interesting sidelight to this Cuomo-skeptic op-ed piece by LI-raised former statewide GOP candidate John Faso that appeared yesterday.

Deep into his argument that the state shouldn't have another gubernatorial coronation but rather should decide based on what we're likely to be getting, Faso states: "The likely GOP candidate for governor, Rick Lazio, has yet to offer any significant, substantive plans on how to fix New York. Andrew Cuomo hasn't offered anything either."

That was read yesterday by at least a couple of conservative political activists to reflect a desire to shed Lazio, perhaps in favor of Democratic Suffolk Executive Steve Levy, as the GOP candidate -- something annoyed Lazio supporters associate with Republican state chairman Ed Cox.

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Or, it could be seen as just a straight-up warning against Cuomo. Faso is in a position to make the statement: He lost to Alan Hevesi, who then imploded in a scandal, and in the next statewide election  to Eliot Spitzer, who then imploded an another.