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Even though he has not even been formally nominated, Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter has already told Bill Faulk, long-time aide to former Suffolk County  Legis. Ed Romaine, that his services will no longer be needed if he is elected, according to GOP town and county sources.

According to the insiders, Walter told Faulk, who had also sought the nomination for Romaine’s seat, he would want to select his own staff if elected.

“I would’t go that far,” said Walter when asked about the conversation, adding “It’s not worth commenting about.” However, Walter said he wanted to talk to Faulk because he is a “friend” who had also been a legislative contender and “I wanted to make sure he was all right.”

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Walter also said he assumed Faulk would be joining Romaine in Brookhaven, though the aide told him no job had yet been offered. Walter said he wants to “leave the lines of communication open” with Faulk, but it is premature to talk of staffing since he has not won.

Faulk, who is manning Romaine’s office to handle constituent work until the Jan. 15 special election, declined to comment on his discussion with Walter. “I intend to work on the campaign and help him get elected,” he said.