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ACORN, the liberal group conservatives love to hate, may be out of business around here, but its business continues.

A successor group, of sorts, New York Communities for Change, has taken up the mantle, and has been given permission to replace ACORN in a federal housing lawsuit against Nassau County.

U.S. District Court Judge Arthur D. Spatt said in a decision published Monday in the New York Law Journal that NYCC was seeking to intervene “as the practical — though not the legal — successor to NY ACORN.”

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“NYCC states that it has purchased NY ACORN’s membership list and has agreed to provide certain services to NY ACORN’s former members. NYCC also assert that most of its current Long Island-based members are former members of NY ACORN, and that both of its co-executive directors are former NY ACORN employees,” the ruling said.

Nassau County Attorney John Ciampoli, without commenting on the merits of the underlying case, essentially agreed with the judge.

“They’re ACORN re-branded,” he said of NYCC.

ACORN went into a tailspin last summer after a video was released showing a couple posing as a pimp and a prostitute soliciting advice from ACORN employees about getting a mortgage.


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UPDATE: NYCC later release a statement saying: “New York Communities for Change, a new organization that includes former NY ACORN members and other interested citizens, is committed to the important work of ending housing discrimination and making sure that there is affordable housing throughout Nassau County, including in Garden City,” said Iona Emsley, board member of NY Communities for Change. “We are pleased that the court has agreed and allowed NYCC to intervene in the housing litigation commenced by NY ACORN. We look forward to aggressively pursuing affordable housing for hard-working Long Island families.”