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SARATOGA SPRINGS - Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is addressing district attorneys Friday morning two days after he was appointed special prosecutor in place of them in police confrontation  cases.

The state District Attorneys Association is expected to question the Democrat about the appointment by Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a meeting the county prosecutors closed to the press.

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Schneiderman refused to comment upon entering the meeting and told Newsday he would not comment after the meeting.

The county officials' organization spokeswoman also said the group won't comment.

Minutes later, hotel worker Bill Lesser said no press would be allowed in the hotel.
Prosecutors interviewed before the meeting referred questions to Schneiderman.

Cuomo appointed Schneiderman the temporary special prosecutor in any new cases in which people die in police confrontations. The Senate's Republican majority had blocked Cuomo's bill to appoint a permanent special prosecutor.

Local prosecutors had opposed a special prosecutor to take over cases involving fatal police confrontations.

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Families of relatives who died in confrontations claim local prosecutors have a conflict of interest toward local police with they work daily.