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Somebody from the GOP seems to be sending a pitch for Assembly Republicans signed by the minority leader Brian Kolb  to folks with e-mails ending senate.state.ny.us (the state Senate). This includes a "you can make a difference" pitch that directs you to a fundraising page. In part it states:

 "New York Democrats are now in full panic mode that Republicans can win causing them to triple their television and radio buys to prevent another catastrophe.  A few weeks ago, Republicans, Conservatives and Independent-minded voters won a huge victory in Massachusetts with the election to the U.S. Senate of Scott Brown.  It was truly the Republican shot heard around the world.

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On Tuesday, New York Republicans are about to fire the second shot for  taxpayer freedom with special elections for the New York State Assembly. Our candidates Dean Murray, a successful businessman from Suffolk County; Michael Montesano, an attorney and former NYPD detective from Nassau County; Bob Castelli, a Vietnam Veteran and former state trooper from Westchester County; and Bob Friedrich, an entrepreneur and business owner  in Queens, are running aggressive races to win open seats that have long been held by Democrats.  Murray, Montesano, Castelli and Friedrich are generating similar local grassroots buzz that propelled Scott Brown to victory...." etc. etc

Open question: Isn't that supposed to be like a public resource?...