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An alert building manager in New Jersey named Salil Sheth seems to have done exactly what the authorities are constantly imploring all citizens to do. He saw something and said something, apparently not knowing that the suspicious apartment he came across on a routine inspection was a safe-house for NYPD's spying operation — in New Brunswick. The FBI was called in. If the AP's exposure of this fiasco three years after the fact makes you uncomfortable, look on the bright side. No. 1, it suggests the 'see something' campaign so urgently promoted in recent years may have had an impact. No. 2, it's not as if the news organization illegally tampered with the phone mail of terrorism victims as did certain British tabloids — or helped spread erroneous "intelligence" information about WMD's as did The New York Times a few years ago.

The story is here.

Below is a video that traces the fiasco.

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