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Kery Murakami, at Suffolk GOP headquarters, reports that Sen. John Flanagan (R-East Northport) said as Angie Carpenter clearly trailed: “It's tough when you get outspent 5-1.” Flanagan earlier in the year passed up a chance to carry the nomination himself.

Then GOP Chairman John Jay LaValle appeared and told about 500 people, “We were up against a lot of moneyed special interests.. We were up against $5 million.”

And he said in what sounded like an allusion to County Exec Steve Levy: “We got off to a little bit of a slow start due to unforseen circumstances.”

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Finally, Carpenter said in a statement of her own: “We fought the good fight and remained firm in our belief that fiscal sanity must be returned to Suffolk County government and that Suffolk County government must be returned to the people. “

“Tomorrow is a new day and the sun will shine. I will return to my job as treasurer and will continue to do the best job possible for the taxpayers of our county."

In her concession speech she thanked supporters and county workers who “sometimes gets a bum rap.”

She said: “This is not the way we envisioned this night ending” but “We made them talk about real issues. We made them defend the fabrications we know are out there."