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Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy may have defected to the Republican Party, but county Democratic chairman Richard Schaffer is not writing him off just yet.
Should Levy’s bid to become New York next governor crash and burn, Schaffer said he would still might consider his politiical prodigal son as the party’s possible standard bearer in 2011.“There is nothing that prevent me from talking to him if the Republicans do not follow through on their committments,” he said. Remember levy;'s chgange of registration does not take effect until after Election Day.
While insiders say Schaffer has been frequently frustrated with Levy behind the scenes, the party leader also knows Levy’s tenure as Democratic county executive is second only to H. Lee Dennison, who served from 1960 to 1971.  
The Democratic executive committee last week formally authorized Schaffer to meet with contenders and enlist others for the “worst case scenario,” a special election that would within 90 days after Jan.1, 2011, should Levy win. He estimates any contender will need $1 million at the starting line.