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As the campaign for Suffolk county executive winds down, Republican candidate James O’Connor's latest attack mailing may be a reach, as it calls incumbent Democrat Steve Bellone “a mirror image” of Barack Obama.

The mailing shows Bellone pictured in a mirror with the back of a figure purported to be the president looking in. Of course, the mailing specifies “a mirror image in failed leqdership.”

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On the flip side, the mailing states: “In Washington, Obama Democrats are wasting trillions and putting our national security at risk,” while “In Suffolk, Democrat Steve Bellone...[is wasting] billions and making our neighborhoods less safe.”

Deputy County Executive Jon Schneider bristled at the mailing for including the images of flag-waving Isis members bearing arms.

“Steve Bellone is a veteran who has served his country, and it appalling for anyone in a political campaign to think it's okay to send a mailing with the flag of the most despicable terrorist organization in the world. It has no place in politics in this county.”

John Jay LaValle , Suffolk GOP chairman, said Bellone aides are trying to distract voters from the terrible records of both administrations.

“The mailing was 100 percent accurate and reflective of the Democrat Party nationally and locally,” he said. “Bellone is only bristling because the truth hurts.”

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