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Now we hear from national, state and Suffolk Independence Party chairman Frank MacKay who is calling on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid -- embarrassed by his quoted remarks regarding President Barack Obama -- to step aside and allow Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer to become majority leader.

Sounds like a multi-faceted agenda here, but this is MacKay's statement as issued:

"It is time for Senator Reid to step aside and for New York's Senator Charles Schumer to step in as Majority Leader to fill what is increasingly a flagrant leadership void in the United States Senate.

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"Senator Reid's remarks prove he is out of touch with modern America; but from a purely political standpoint, he is a lame duck leader in the midst of one of the most tenuous times in our nation's history. Senator Reid has very little chance of winning re-election."

"Senator Schumer, on the other hand, is up for re-election in a strong Republican year and no serious opponent has emerged. Schumer as United States Senate Majority Leader would be great for New York State, and his steadfast leadership style would be ideal for the country."