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It may not have been the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, but things got too close for comfort when Suffolk police union held a “happy hour” at Mulcahy’s, a Centereach bar, where Conservative Sheriff Vincent DeMarco (in photo) had also scheduled a fundraiser.

Backers of DeMarco said that PBA oficials, upset with DeMarco for taking over highway patrols from police, showed up at the bar before DeMarco’s event started, then cursed and made nasty remarks to those walking through to the backroom where DeMarco’s fundraiser was held.

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DeMarco, whose event included two uniformed Marines collecting “Toys for Tots” and other collecting for the hungry, called the PBA’s actions “childish and embarassing — embarassing for them, not for me.”

Jeff Frayler, Suffolk PBA president, said it was just “dumb luck” their happy hour was held in the same place and denied there were any harsh words. “There was not one loud word, no nasty exchanges. It was totally uneventful and anyone who tries to portray it as an incident is just wrong,” he said.