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Suffolk Executive Steve Levy called Rick Lazio's selection of Greg Edwards, the Chautauqua executive, for lieutenant governor a "bland, safe choice."

The two know each other from the state county executives' assocation.

Edwards said he was "intrigued" by the questions seeking response. "If it's boring and bland to show up every day, to work hard every day for the people...to reduce their tax load, to improve their economic environment, make their seniors...better. I'll take bland or whatever the other word was...Safe? Because you know something -- safety is the promise to work hard every day, I'll work to bring solutions and not dysfunctions to Albany..."

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Levy has yet to say who his presumably spicy and dangerous preference will be for lieutenant governor.

"I wish him luck," Levy said of Edwards.

Lazio's comments were directed at politicians who look to cover themselves and ambitiously plan their next step up -- clearly meant to apply to both Levy and Democrat Andrew Cuomo.