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The results came down to the predicted two votes:

 On whether to authorize Steve Levy to run a primary against Rick Lazio, he got 28.1 percent, three percent more than needed, while Rick Lazio won designation with 59.6 percent.

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 But to qualify for the ballot, Levy had to win more than 50 percent of the weighted convention vote, and on this second vote, he failed. It was 57 percent no, 43 percent yes.

 Levy says he plans to run for reelection as county executive and will stay with the Republicans. He expressed no regrets about the process. He said he’s considering  a third-party run on an “independent” line – not the Independence Party, of course, which has backed Andrew Cuomo. He talked about having prodded the other candidates to talk about reducing budgets and taxes.

 The roll-call ballot offered a display of hooting and rooting: “Just say no!” on one side and “Let the people vote!” on the other.