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The Daily News today plays up what may or may not even be a small news increment to those who followed anything political over the past year: That AG Andrew Cuomo -- widely expected for quite some time to enter a Democratic primary for governor -- still plans to do so, in late March.

Unless, of course, he decides instead on early March, as has been heard by everyone else who cares  -- or maybe earlier than that, depending on circumstances.

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Of course, the more newsworthy element on this beat today seems to be the Cuomo-phobic statement released in response by Gov. David Paterson's campaign:

'Voters have had enough of Albany politicians winking at them while doing nothing to solve their problems. 

"Since it's clear Mr. Cuomo is running for Governor, it's time for him to stop ducking the hard questions of how he would close a $7.4 billion deficit, balance the budget and pass ethical and fiscal reforms. 

"Governor Paterson has been clear and straightforward with New Yorkers and has never backed down from a challenge.  During very difficult times, he's fighting for Democratic principles and putting the people of New York first."


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