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ALBANY — Democratic candidate for governor Zephyr Teachout said Wednesday that she would extend state citizenship to immigrants who entered the country illegally and lived in New York for three years.

“We support state citizenship for New Yorkers who are undocumented who have been here for three years, who pay their taxes, who show they have been part of the community,” Teachout said Wednesday in Manhattan. “And that means voting ... you’re a New Yorker no matter what the federal government says.”

Teachout’s proposal would also require an immigrant to have no criminal convictions.

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Cuomo’s campaign declined to comment.

Teachout’s proposal was part of a policy package on immigration released by Teachout and her running mate, Tim Wu. On Tuesday, he is running for lieutenant governor against Cuomo’s running mate, former Rep. Kathy Hochul of Buffalo.

The Teachout-Wu proposal also includes:

-- Financial aid through the state Tuition Assistance Program for youths brought into this country as children. A similar bill failed in the Senate this year.

-- Authorizing driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.

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-- Limiting state and local police in enforcement of federal immigration laws.