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Sen. Ted Cruz has a new ad attacking Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s years-old praise of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, despite the fact that Trump now routinely criticizes Gotham’s chief executive.

It’s not the first time Cruz (R-Texas) has sought to score points with New York conservatives by using de Blasio as a punching bag, just days ahead of the state’s presidential primary.

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The new ad, released Friday, seizes on Trump’s initial encouragement of de Blasio when the mayor took office in 2014.

“He’ll end up being a good mayor, maybe a very good mayor,” Trump said at the time and in the ad. “I think he’s going to want to make New York great.”

Between Trump quotes, the ad splashy tabloid headlines about police killed or shot in New York, crime trends and homelessness in the city.

“Perhaps Donald doesn’t know what the word ‘Great’ means,” the ad concludes, taking a shot at Trump’s “Make America Great” slogan.

Thing is, Trump no longer says the same things about de Blasio. For instance, Trump in December called de Blasio the “worst mayor in the United States.”

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Trump’s campaign didn’t immediately comment Friday.