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Daniel Donovan, the first vice-chair of the Nassau County Conservative Party, said Friday he had petition signatures from a majority on the executive committee seeking the ouster of Roger Bogsted as chairman. He acknowledged that under the bylaws Bogsted may serve until his term ends in September but, Donovan said, “He ought to take a walk.” The backlash stems from Bogsted’s perceived alliance with Democrat Thomas Suozzi for whom the chairman served as consumer-affairs commissioner. The petition was to be filed with the county organization’s secretary, to “put on the record we are no longer comfortable with him, that he’s embarrassed us,” he said. Donovan recalled how the party was founded in the early 1960's specifically to keep New York politics from drifting leftward, and that Bogsted in recent years moved away from that goal.

The Bogsted side of the story has it that five members of the executive committee with young families employed in the Mangano administration took part in a no-confidence vote against the chairman even though they'd previously sided with him on such matters as running then-Bogsted colleague Steve Hansen for county executive. Bogsted reportedly told them he "understood the pressure that had been brought to bear on them."

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Bogsted says, "I continue to enjoy the overwhelming support of the County Committee and you can rest assured they want no part of becoming major party lap dogs." That will surely prompt a response from his detractors as the back-and-forth goes on.