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For the second year in a row, Suffolk’s cash situation is so tight that it has led to the delay of some year-end payments to county union workers.

Where the county last year delayed holiday pay to the police unions, this year it will also put off payments for all unions for unused compensatory time that can be cashed out twice a year — a total of $30 million. Normally, the checks go out in the first December payroll, but will instead be paid out Dec. 20.

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County officials say they had to put off the payments because the $20 million sale of 230 acres in Yaphank to the Brookhaven Rail Terminal had to be postponed because a lawsuit brought by civic groups remains unresolved.

However, the county should become flush after next week’s sale of $410 million in tax anticipation notes to cover costs for the first half of the year. The county does not start getting its share of property taxes until June after schools, towns and villages are paid.