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A sign of this dubious political moment came in pre-primary mailngs to Brooklyn residents. Campaign literature this week from Richard Montelione, a Civil Court candidate, included an image of Assemb. Vito Lopez — with the claim that rival candidate Lara Genovesi “is the handpicked choice” of the “disgraced political boss” and the warning: “If she wins, Lopez wins.”

Today marks Lopez’ official departure date as Kings County chairman, forced from the party job by a scandal that is still rocking the Democratic side of state government. In that judicial election, Genovesi counters that she is independently qualified, and cites her extensive legal work in the court system and endorsement by U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer and ex-Mayor Ed Koch.

Not only is today’s state primary overshadowed by the newest sexual-harassment flap in Albany, but turnout could prove even lower than usual due to the earlier failure of Democrats and Republicans to agree on a single primary date. Even when they’re doing their day jobs, things can get mucked up.

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In case you don't recall, Congressional contests were held in June, as ordered by a federal judge, in response to a law meant to assure military voters are provided enought time for their absentee ballots count. But Republicans who control the Senate refused to also slate the same primaries for June. So there turned out to be three primaries this year, when you count the non-competitive Republican presidential vote back in April. And because Sept. 11 fell on a Tuesday (as it did in 2001) officials did not wish to schedule this contest even for the traditional day of the week on which it falls.

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