Spin Cycle

News, views and commentary on Long Island, state and national politics.

Obama highlights the Iraq war withdrawal. Mission accomplished yet?

Lawmakers in Albany threaten to break the record for late budgets.

Something very macro: Big investors fear deflation, the WSJ reports.

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The Post has fun with Mario-Andrew as father and son. TMI, fellas.

The News' Lisberg lays out many 'ifs' in the Haggerty-Bloomberg-money prosecution.

Two days after closing the door on gov'ship, Steve Levy had a Sunday debut of sorts.

Today, Sean Coffey picks up some NYC endorsements.

On Suffolk's CD1 race, Celeste Katz posts videos of Randy Altschuler and George Demos working the lower-Manhattan Islamic-center issue.

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 Does the Lazio personnel shift really mean a sense of threat from Paladino -- or is the GOP designee just looking to trim expenses? Or could it be neither of the above?