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Has it really been four years since VP candidate Sarah Palin, at the outset of her debate with Sen. Joseph Biden, said "Hey can I call you Joe?" She later said she didn't know the mic was hot.

Anyway, the playing field differs this time. Rep. Paul Ryan — seasoned in House debates and hailed in many an echo chamber for his RNC performance — now steps in against Biden who plays the very different role of White House incumbent. After it's over tonight, Biden may well say, "I debated Sarah Palin. I ran against Sarah Palin. Congressman, you're no Sarah Palin." And that, of course, could mean a lot of things.

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Will tomorrow's headline be a tongue twister, like "Biden says Ryan is lyin'; Ryan says Biden is hidin'"? Tough to say before it starts.

Below, is what you may call the Biden baseline: