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An Oct. 27 Spin Cycle item referred to a BuzzFeed.com story which published an allegation involving emails purportedly between Brooklyn District Attorney Charles “Joe” Hynes and former chief state judge Sol Wachtler. BuzzFeed has issued a retraction and apology. The Spin Cycle item was taken down.

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The following is BuzzFeed’s editor’s note:

An earlier version of this story included an allegation attributed to an email that the office of the Brooklyn District Attorney now describes as “fraudulent.” BuzzFeed printed the allegation, and the document, because we were under the mistaken impression that a spokesman for the district attorney had, in condemning its contents, confirmed its authenticity; this was a mistake by the story’s editor. We have removed the document and the allegation because they do not meet our standards for confirmation, and we apologize to Judge Sol Wachtler for having printed them.