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The true meaning of a still-unannounced Anthony Weiner run for mayor is starting to draw public comment along the lines of what some former aides and colleagues of the overexposed former congressman will only say privately: It’s another self-indulgence for a man of very ordinary presence.

Linked here is an only slightly hyperbolic Daily Beast piece by Stuart Stevens, who’s been a Romney strategist and travel writer. “Here’s a guy who regularly condescended to every member of Congress but whose intellectual talents were such that he originally aspired to be a weatherman,” says Stevens.

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From leftier climes, Katrina vanden Heuvel at the Nation declared that Weiner “needs a few more years in the wilderness” before promoting himself to big positions. “There are a few very good candidates already running for mayor,” she said.

Maybe Weiner can respond by being snarky or insulating himself with people who will tell him otherwise. Maybe he already has. There seems to be a growing sense that he will run because he can't help himself.