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The worm turns again for the Working Families Party.

It wasn’t long ago that it was trying to find its footing and political types were referring to it as “fledgling.”

Then it built its base on a series of deals with left-leaning forces and became a coveted second line on the ballot, mostly for Democrats.

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But if Democrat Andrew Cuomo does not take the WFP line for governor this year because of the investigations into WFP finances, the party might not be able to field a candidate of its own that gets the 50,000 votes in the governor’s race that is required for an automatic ballot spot for the next four years.

“The next place you will find the Working Families Party is on the EPA Web site,” Conservative Party counsel John Ciampoli said Monday as he was killing time at the Nassau County Legislature on his day job as county attorney.

We bit.

What did he mean?

“Because they are on the endangered species list,” Ciampoli replied.

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