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Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) today filed a Freedom of Information Act request for guest lists, visitor logs, visit requests, and planning and policy documents related to the gate-crashing of the Nov. 24 state dinner by the celebrity-hungry Salahis.

This is a rather unusual step for a congressman and ranking Republican member of the House Homeland Security Committee. And it follows a series of steps he has taken: an invitation to White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers to appear before the committee, an attempt (blocked by Democrats) to subpoena her when she declined to testify, and a letter sent directly to her last week asking 15 questions.

The White House officials wants to put the security breach by the Salahis behind them. Security is tighter -- guests had to show their IDs twice at two different checkpoints last night to get into the White House reception for the news media.

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King's FOIA letter asked that any costs of fulfilling his request be waived, because the information sought is in the public's interest. Perhaps he's saving his funds for a lawsuit.