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What drives a political movement: the top or the bottom?

The effort to reform special taxing districs in Nassau County had been driven for the past few years by a Democratic county executive, Thomas Suozzi — using his bully pulpit — and a Democratic comptroller, Howard Weitzman — using his audit powers.

Their Republicans successors as of Jan. 1st, CE Edward Mangano and Comptroller George Maragos, indicated this week they will not make special districts a priority.

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With the top officials cool to the topic, will it fade?

Laura Mallay of Residents for Efficient Special Districts thinks not.

“While we rely on our public officials, we cannot rely on them solely. Our education drive has skyrocketed. Taxpayers can no longer look the other way,” she said.

“If the reality is Maragos and Mangano are looking the other way, they’re going to hear from the taxpayers,” she said. “One hopes that our elected officials will seek out the waste, fraud and abuse, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the people.”

She and other supporters of special district reform in the county plan a news conference Thursday in Mineola to continue their push for change.