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From the folks at NY1 News in the city:

"State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs is urging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and former Tenn. Rep. Harold Ford Jr. to end their war of words.

" 'I don't like the name calling. I don't think it's helpful,'' Jacobs told Elizabeth Kaledin on 'Inside City Hall.'  'I don't think it does anything to advance your candidacy.  We're not picking a prom queen here. We're picking a person who is going to represent New York State.  Talk about what you're going to do.  If there's a complaint about what Kirsten Gillibrand has done as a Senator, point out how she voted and how you would have voted differently and why.  That's a compelling campaign."

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 For the last several days, the would-be Democratic rivals for U.S. Senate have exchanged verbal barbs, including Ford calling Sen. Gillibrand and Sen. Schumer "parakeets."

 Gillibrand fired back, calling Ford "the ultimate insider", who is "wrong for New York."