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During a brief speech during the motion to recommit the health care bill just approved by the House of Representatives, someone inside the chamber yelled "Baby killer!" at representative Bart Stupak, an anti-abortion Democrat from Michigan.

Stupak had reached a last-minute deal with the White House regarding anti-abortion protections in the health care bill.

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First reports from some blogs were that it was Representative John Campbell, a California Republican. But Campbell vehemently denied it, hinting that it did come from his side of the aisle, and specifically from the Texas delegation. Campbell added that he did  know the identity of the person who screamed.

A politics blog reported that presiding officer David Obey of Wisconsin did see who it was, but declined to identify the person.

Update: Two more representatives, George Radanovich of California and Louie Gohmert of Texas, have both said it it wasn't them. So out of the 431 members (four seats are vacant), 428 have yet to come out and say whether it was or wasn't them. We can rule out Stupak and Obey, and the 73 women members, since the voice was distinctively male. So that leaves 353 members. Stay tuned.


Later update: It was Randy Neugebauer all along.

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