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Federal agents raided the office of Dr. William
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Federal agents raided the office of Dr. William Conway in Baldwin and carried out about a half-dozen boxes of records in February. Conway was arrested in June 2012 along with 97 other people in a massive federal and local investigation of illegal prescription painkillers. He was charged with illegally distributing 780,000 oxycodone pills. (Feb. 29, 2012)(Credit: Jim Staubitser)

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Prescription drug abuse crackdown

Federal and local law enforcement officials arrested 98 people in early June 2012 in connection with an investigation to curb the illegal distribution of prescription painkillers on Long Island and in New York City. The coordinated effort to combat the growing threat of prescription drug trafficking and abuse had been accelerated after two pharmacy robberies that turned deadly: the 2011 Medford massacre of four people and the 2012 Seaford slaying of a federal agent.