March 13, 2011 --Santia Williams' friend calls 911 and reports that a man is fighting with Williams. Police arrest Williams' boyfriend, Jason Jenkins, on outstanding warrants unrelated to domestic violence, and he spends three days in jail.

April 28 --Williams and Jenkins have a daughter, Arianna Virginia Williams.

June 19 --Williams moves into her sister's apartment, upstairs from where she had been staying with Jenkins, to get away from him.

June 20 --Williams calls police after Jenkins throws the baby's belongings into the street. After police leave without arresting Jenkins, he threatens to burn down the apartment. Williams calls police again. Police question Jenkins but he denies making the threat and is not arrested.

June 25 --Williams calls 911 to report that Jenkins is knocking on the door and won't leave. "He's been acting like really, like saying creepy things, and being irrational," she tells the 911 operator.

June 28 --At Williams' request, a Suffolk County judge issues an order of protection directing Jenkins to stay away from Williams.

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July 4 --Jenkins takes Arianna from Williams, who calls police. Later in the day, a Suffolk police officer reports that he verbally served Jenkins with the order of protection.

July 5 --Williams and her sister call 911 several times throughout the day to report that Jenkins has yet to return Arianna. "He's threatening to commit suicide because we're not together anymore, and he took her," Williams tells the 911 operator.

July 6 --Jenkins returns Arianna to Williams.

July 8 --A Suffolk County sheriff's deputy formally serves Jenkins with the order of protection.

July 12 --Jenkins kills Williams with a shotgun before turning the gun on himself.