Brightwaters trustees plan to introduce at their Monday meeting a plan to add stop signs and lower the speed limit along two village roads.

Under the proposal, the speed limit would decrease from 30 to 25 mph along Lakeview Avenue East and West -- two long and winding parallel roads that are separated by several small lakes -- from Lawrence Drive to South Country Road, or Route 27A. Stop signs would be added on Lakeview East at Phelps Drive and on Lakeview West at Woodland Drive.

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The proposal, floated by Trustee John J. Riordan, was prompted by residents who complained about speeding in the residential area. The board discussed the issue at its meeting Monday, with Riordan initially proposing the addition of stop signs at several intersections: Woodland, Johnson and Orchard drives. "I want them there," he said.

But Trustees Robert W. Fischer and Denise Gibson said too many stop signs could overwhelm drivers and further upset residents with excessive noise caused by cars constantly stopping and starting.

"Let's not go whole hog on this," said Fischer, who suggested the compromise of fewer intersections that will be considered. He said the board could add more signs in the future. "Without pulling out a shotgun, it's a nice way to see how it would work."

The village, which has no police force, depends on Suffolk County to enforce traffic laws, Mayor Joseph A. McNulty said.

Riordan said he was "a little surprised that I had push back," and said he still thinks another stop sign is needed. "I can appreciate my fellow trustees thinking it was a few too many stop signs in a short distance," he said. "I look forward to evaluating the impact and seeing if the one stop sign solves the problem. I hope so."