An out-of-control car careened into a gas station service bay Thursday morning, knocking another car off an overhead lift, Suffolk County police said.

The freak accident occurred shortly after 11 a.m. at a Gulf gas station on Route 110 on the West Hills-Melville line, police said. There were no serious injuries.

The impact of the collision caused a four-door sedan to fall from the lift, partially crushing a Nissan 350Z with a worker inside. "We're surprised it wasn't worse," said Melville Assistant Fire Chief Paul Mahler.

Bob Keller, the station owner, said his son had gone out to close the windows of the Nissan, not realizing the car was in gear. When he turned the ignition, the car "took off," crashing into the service bay.

Keller said he was in another room when he heard a boom. He called out for his mechanic, who wasn't hurt, and his son, who didn't answer right away.

The crash shattered the Nissan's windshield, Keller said, sending pieces of glass into his son's face.

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He was taken to Huntington Hospital, where he received a couple of stitches and was released, Keller said.

"Everybody's OK," the station owner said. "That was my main concern. Cars you can fix."