A Central Islip couple got a little help from their local fire department for their gender-reveal party Tuesday.

When Samantha Metz, 27, and Jeffrey Kempf, 30, learned they would be having a baby boy, they wanted to do something creative to reveal the gender of their first child to their family.

Metz had seen a video on Facebook a few months ago of a reveal where water dyed blue for a boy or pink for a girl spouted from the top of a fire engine. She thought it’d be “perfect” for their family of firefighters. Kempf is a captain in the Central Islip Fire Department and his father was a chief of the West Islip Fire Department, he said.

“I thought there’d be no better way to introduce our child to the family,” Metz said.

After getting permission from the chiefs of the department, Metz and Kempf mixed blue pool dye into a few buckets of water and dumped it into the engine.

They assembled their family and friends beside engine No. 3, the one used by Kempf and his company, and counted down as a fountain of baby-blue water streamed over their heads.

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“They were blown away,” Metz said of the 40 guests in attendance. “Everyone was ecstatic.”

The couple helped rinse out the dyed water from the fire engine and it was back in action the next day, Metz said.

Metz is due in October. She said they’re planning to name their son, Jeffrey Michael Kempf III, and are hoping he’ll follow in his father and grandfather’s footsteps and will someday become a firefighter.