This king and queen make one dynamic duo.

She boxes and he is an international student from China.

As Mesut Yang, 18, and Charlotte Campbell, 17, were crowned as St. Anthony’s homecoming king and queen last Friday, they proudly stood side by side holding their scepters and wearing their gold robes at St. Anthony’s High School’s homecoming in South Huntington.

Campbell stood in disbelief, never imagining this moment happening. “I didn’t expect winning homecoming queen. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my name called. This is special to me,” said Campbell.

Yang was thrilled, too.

“To win, it means I am a symbol of uniqueness at St. Anthony’s. I am an international student who won homecoming king,” he said.

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Yang is an international student born in Guangzhou, China. He started at St. Anthony’s as a sophomore.

“I felt nervous in the beginning when I first came here because there is a difference in cultures,” Yang admitted. “In China, you study all the time but here you have your studies but you can also play sports and do other activities. I love it here and I have a lot of friends here,” said Yang.

Campbell has been boxing since her freshman year. She initially started to strengthen her shoulders for lacrosse, but doesn't take on opponents.

St. Anthony’s High School Principal Brother Gary Cregan said he was excited to witness the enthusiastic school spirit from the students.

“Today, we had the pep rally. We had kicklines, the teams came out and we crowned the homecoming king and queen,” Cregan said. “Everyone was radically hyped, screaming at the top of their lungs. Spirit Week and homecoming allows students the opportunity to display their enthusiasm.”